Friday, June 02, 2006

6:23 a.m.

"Daddy... Daddy!"

The call comes every morning, typically within a few minutes of 7 a.m. Sometimes sing-song style..."DAAA-dddyyy... DAAAAA-dddyy," sometimes as a sharp staccato burst... "DAD... DAD!" This morning it came at 6:23 a.m. Ava, calling out from her room. The sing-song variety.

I rolled out of bed and stumbled into her room and said good morning, asked what she wanted. (Always the same answer to this question)

"I want to go downstairs."

"Ava," I said, "It's early... do you know what time it is?"


"What time?"

"It's thirties! It's wake-up time!"

Two minutes later Madison was up and came walking into Ava's room with the same request, "let's go downstairs."

So we did.


Blogger cutiepie said...

Okay! I understand this is late, I couldn't help but snooping through all your archives and loving this post.

I so curious, it wasn't Christmas, what was downstairs?

11:01 PM  

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