Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just a little something in exchange for all those diapers you changed and sleep you missed...

One day last week. Ridiculously busy in the office, by mid-afternoon I'm starving and run out to get something quick to eat. Stopped at a traffic light, my cell phone rings. Work. A call I have to take. Someone talking about something I need to write down.

I have a pen in my shirt pocket but, after a quick survey of the front passenger area, nothing on which to write. I look over my shoulder to the back seat and catch a glimpse of a green pad, nestled against a Hello Kitty purse, some kind of Strawberry Shortcake heart-shaped container and assorted other debris. And on that pad, at some point, without telling me, Madison has managed to leave a message that renders everything else basically irrelevant.


Blogger MortEscura said...

Cell phone = 250$?
Car = 20 000$?
Phone call = 2$ ?
Pad = 5$

What's written there?


You seem like a great dad.
And you seem to have awesome kids.


1:33 AM  
Blogger Mrs Prunes said...

i agree ..

1:41 AM  

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