Monday, April 16, 2007

Thanks Walt...

I got home from work early enough on Friday to have "movie night," with the girls, which is what we call the four of us watching a show or age-appropriate film before going to bed. Madison and Ava love it, Gwen sometimes makes popcorn, we all snuggle in together and watch something.

This time around we dialed up "All Dogs Go To Heaven," on VOD. Early on, a little girl character was introduced, an orphan who was living with the dogs, and not very well I might add. What is it about every Disney film beginning with some parent-friendly and easily explainable element like the death of a Mommy or Daddy, emergence of an evil force or some other thorny concept?

As soon as it became clear the adorable little girl on the screen didn't have parents, Madison went wild-eyed and started firing questions at us, "What does that mean, Daddy? What's an orphan? Why doesn't she have a Mommy or Daddy? Where ARE they? What happened to them?"

Ava just sat back, watching the screen and munching on her popcorn, silent during the interrogation, until you could actually see a thought pop into her head and she exclaimed, "I know... Maybe her Mommy and Daddy went to Italy!"


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