Thursday, August 16, 2007


Never enough time up here. We arrived late-afternoon Monday, will be leaving around noon tomorrow, and it feels like we're just hitting our Green Mountain stride.

We've been to the pool four times, to the mountain fun zone/alpine slide three times, hit The Bean once for lunch and once for dinner (Ava: "And I don't even need a menu, 'cause I know what I want." Madison: "What?" Ava: "QUESADILLA!!!"), watched "Finding Nemo" three times, in its entirety, weathered several tantrums and listened to more Hannah Montana and Hilary Duff than any (sane) adult would care to admit.

A few good bottles of wine along the way for those of legal age, plenty of ice cream for those who are not. We also took some photos.

[The girls prepare to storm the mountain.]

[Ava catches some air.]

[Different year, same bumper boats.]

[All visitors to Vermont are required at least one trip to Ben & Jerry's. We were happy to oblige.]

[The alpine slide. Next summer, Madison rides alone.]


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