Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chapter Books

Madison's latest rite of passage has been the move from picture books (think "Goodnight Moon," Strawberry Shortcake or anything by Eric Carle) to "chapter books," mostly a series called Junie B. Jones.

She has one of these with her basically at all times, including at Ava's soccer game early yesterday.

We set up her portable chair and she was content for the better part of an hour, except when she saw Ava give up a goal and ran over (with her book) to offer some sisterly advice, namely that goalies are allowed to use their HANDS.

We missed last week's game in favor of the apple picking trip, and Ava's performance out there on the field (after surrendering goalie duties to one of her diminutive teammates) definitely suffered. Distracted and disengaged, she twirled around and chased after the ball only in response to our sideline urgings.

I briefly considered doing a riff on the basketball scene from the Great Santini, ("Ava, put him down... put him DOWN... score a goal or you don't come home. Score a goal or you won't EAT!"), but I didn't want to mortify the other parents and children in attendance on an otherwise quiet and foggy Saturday morning.

We'll see how she does next week and assess whether or not we need to start withholding fresh mozzarella or snack. We're giving her the benefit of the doubt for now.


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