Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Rearview Mirror

We've gotten our fair share of holiday mail over the last few weeks, and it's always great to find one of those extended "family newsletter" write-ups inside a card - offering photos and some elaboration on what people have been up to. I've been thinking of doing a similar compilation for our family for the last few years and just have never gotten around to it.

But thanks to the wonders of Blogger, and the power of hyperlinks, I can take advantage of the fact that our year is basically already written up. So here - as I wander off to pursue carpal tunnel therapy after all the clicking and pasting required to produce the effort that appears below - was our 2007.

It was a great and active year during which...

We enjoyed another installment of the annual family vacation in Aruba

Madison didn't mind the gap

We welcomed a new school year

We happily closed a window

Ava turned 4 with Hello Kitty

Madison turned 6 with a trip to the Greatest Show on Earth

Madison left me a note

Ava honed her burgeoning sense of humor

We made quite a lot of sauce

Madison ditched the training wheels

Gwen and I took an amazing adults-only trip to Italy and missed the kids

Ava became unfortunately acquainted with something called a Nightstick Break (and recovered nicely)

We admired our (inherited) plants, and our lawn, and our plants again

We (adults in the house) said goodbye to Tony S.

We went to Vermont

And had such a great time we decided to go back

I surrendered my glasses to the New Jersey surf

Madison wondered when the Beatles would finally land on iTunes, and contemplated the iPhone hysteria

We continued to assess the merits of a pet cat

We took on Disney for the first time (and certainly not the last)

We won one blog competition

And got crushed in another

We ordered a healthy breakfast

Ava learned to swim

We trained for Disney by spending a day wandering around the Bronx Zoo

Ava finally made it out onto the soccer field

We went back and paid for a CD we had already downloaded for free

And, most recently, we participated in the nationwide sensation known as Hannah/Miley/Jonas

And we did it all together, which of course makes all the difference. Thanks to everyone for stopping by this little corner of the World Wide Web in 2007, and here's wishing you and yours a great 2008...


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