Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Jobs!

This blog received a really nice shout-out this morning from one of my favorite podcasters, Ken Ray of Mac OS Ken, after I sent Ken a note predicting the addition of a camera to the iPod Touch at today's Apple event.

We'll know in a few hours whether or not I was right, but in the meantime let me greet any new visitors arriving by virtue of the plug with some of the Apple/Mac highlights that have graced this little writing project over the last couple of years.

First off, the definitive post, documenting our family's transition from PC to Mac. This was before the Seinfeld commercials, of course, but I think we still feel pretty good about the move.

Further reflections on the bounty that is Mac, and the gifts that Steve has benevolently rained down upon us.

Then there was an odd and unsettling moment, which - I'm quite happy to say - has never been repeated.

And it all began with the first Apple-related post in the history of this blog, in which our daughter Madison, then five, imagined a day when there will be song lyrics on an iPod.

That's a pretty good start, a solid quartet, just to get things off on the right foot. But, as is always the case when it comes to Apple and all-things-Mac, it feels like we're just getting started.


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