Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Passing Through

Came downstairs and just a couple of minutes into the typical routine of making coffee, unstacking the dishwasher, getting Ava her milk, putting on Cyberchase and the dozen or so activities that make up every morning, Gwen looked out the window over the sink and immediately exclaimed, "DUCKS! We have ducks in our backyard!"

Grabbed the camera and went outside and there they were, two beautiful Mallards, strolling on the grass. We grabbed some bread and tried to feed them but they quickly wound their way around the house, across the front lawn and briefly ended up in the road, before disappearing.

I went back out a little while later with more bread to see if they were still around but they were gone, and as I trudged back up the front walk I felt a little like Tony Soprano in one of the early seasons, when the ducks that had made a temporary home in his pool flew off, never to be seen again. It was nice while it lasted and an interesting start to the day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My parents have a pool in their yard and each summer, without fail, a couple of malards come and hang out in the pool - they swim around it in the early mornings and then roam around for the day.

7:48 PM  

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