Sunday, August 02, 2009


Brief one-day stop in Washington, D.C. on the drive down to visit Gwen's Mom in Tennessee, we arranged for a Capitol tour and when the cab pulled up outside Ava lit up and said, "HEY, I know that building, they made it on Ace of Cakes!"

It was a good tour that rolled into a walk around the Mall, a brief stop at the Air and Space Museum and dinner at my favorite restaurant in the city, Lebanese Taverna. Girls are screaming at me to close this out right now so we can go down to breakfast before today's planned 7-hour drive drive, so I will.


Blogger Hope said...

We lived in Maryland for ten (very long) years, and got so we all just ignored the Capital. I'll have to go back and visit as a tourist to appreciate it again.

Thanks for sharing.

6:40 PM  

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