Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Life

This has undoubtedly been the season for new life in the grass and greenery around our house. Over the last several weeks we've noticed two active birds' nests, an army of chipmunks and a couple of adult rabbits scampering about.

But the visitor really captivating our attention is the baby bunny, pictured above, who Gwen and the girls first saw munching on the lawn near the row of Hosta plants that line our backyard sometime last month, maybe four or five inches from nose to tail when spotted.

From what we can tell, this little guy (or girl) has spent its entire young life in our corner of the world, enjoying the bounty of Insta-Lawn as a primary food source. It's been nice having him/her around, an outdoor pet who shows up unannounced at regular intervals - mainly in the morning or around dusk, to feast - and without any litter boxes to clean.

We find ourselves looking for him/her when too much time passes between sightings, and are always happy to spot the small brown figure again, moving slowly and deliberately from one blade to the next, a reassuring part of the scenery and welcome ambassador of our favorite time of year.

[Full disclosure: there are at least two members of our family who do not share these feelings of welcoming benevolence, and have been spending an inordinate amount of time staring out the windows as the mercury rises and little darting movements on the other side of the glass abound.]


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