Sunday, June 18, 2006


Madison was born in March of 2001, so my first real Father's Day was that year and that morning Gwen surprised us both with a great idea that has endured. Every Father's Day, we paint one of our hands (in the spirit of tidiness, Gwen has actually taken the brush and done the honors) and press it down on the same clear page.

Each edition takes its place with the others in a three-ring binder, with assorted photos taken that day. It's only been five years, and looking back at those early installments is already amazing and cool.

Maddie and I had our run of the canvas for two years, Ava joined the festivities in 2003. I have to say, the page is already getting a little crowded, especially when Ava takes it upon herself to inexplicably press her hand down twice.

(Yes, she picked purple this year)


Blogger Sugee Andersyn said...

And Dad's fave color is green. This is a great idea!!

8:39 PM  

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