Sunday, July 02, 2006

OK, so it's not all bad...

...we actually had a nice home improvement moment this weekend when we went to the granite place Saturday morning to pick our our slab. Kind of interesting and fun. Took me about 40 years to even know there was such a thing as a granite yard, let alone visit one. Madison and Ava knocked off this little milestone at 5 and 3.

We'd been to the place once before to look at samples and as soon as we walked through the door and Ava realized where she was she said, "I'm tired about this store!" Our next scheduled stop was an afternoon in Grandma and Grandpa's pool, so the girls were not about wasting time on trivial matters like the composition of the countertops that may well greet them every morning from now through high school.

But they were patient enough to let us find a nice piece that we are looking forward to seeing in our kitchen, even though both our second-floor bathrooms are still leaking and we have no idea at this moment what to do about it.


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