Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mr. Jobs, Meet Madison

It should be clear to anyone who has spent more than five minutes on this site that we are an Apple family. Our house has completed a near-total Mac conversion (just waiting for Leopard and new desktop hardware to drive the final nail in the PC coffin), the girls converse as freely and accurately about iPods and iTunes as they do about hair clips or crayons. I listen to Apple-related podcasts like "Mac OS Ken" and the "MacCast" in the car, sometimes even with little ears in the back seat, and keep current on the steady flow of Apple-related news and rumors through my RSS reader.

So I couldn't help noticing an item that rolled through the Apple press last week, reporting that the company is considering a deal with an outside firm to add lyrics to the iTunes/iPod juggernaut consumer value proposition. This story was of particular interest to me because the notion of adding song lyrics to iPods was something I'd heard before, from Madison, on one of our morning drives to school, shortly after she turned five. Relaying the recent development provided a nice organic plank in the "you're amazing, and you can do anything," message platform we are building around both of our children.

And, just to push the self-indulgent parental pride meter even further into the red, I should again mention that it was Madison who named this blog, right around the time she came up with her ingenious little product suggestion for Mr. Jobs. She's the one who thinks this world is perfect. And, now that she and her little sister are in it, we think so too.

[The very beginning... before there even was a blog. A precious artifact that Madison actually kept, on her own, in a box in her room with some of her other writings. I asked where it was tonight so I could take this picture and she produced it in about five seconds. I couldn't find the floor in five seconds.]


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