Sunday, October 07, 2007

Breakfast Orders

We were playing "school" in the basement this morning. Madison, our teacher, was reading books and running the class through various craft activities, when the notion of breakfast came up. We discussed various options, and Madison took it upon herself to write up our "orders" on a couple of post-it notes.

Without saying anything, she posted them on the cabinet next to our stove. I have to say I didn't notice. The girls settled into a show, I had a second cup of coffee and scanned the papers. When I went back into the den to confirm what everyone wanted to eat, Madison said, "Dad, check the orders. Did you see the orders?"


beans and
coffee and

toast with
cream cheese
eggs (with) salt
and butter
orange juice with

It turned out to be a good little system, our humble tribute to short-order cooks everywhere.


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