Wednesday, January 09, 2008

About A Girl (President)

Sitting in front of the television with Madison last night, watching the early returns out of New Hampshire and trying my best to explain the subtleties of the Presidential primary process to a 6 year old.

At some point during what must have been a mind-numbing array of information, Madison looks up at me with innocently curious eyes and asks, "Daddy, can a girl run for President?"

This is not intended to be any kind of specific commentary on Hillary Clinton or her political prospects, but as a father talking to a daughter in 2008, I can't tell you how great and gratifying it was to be able to point to the screen and affirmatively observe that not only can a girl run for President, but on this particular night the "girl" in the race was winning.


Blogger Pagan Green Witch said...

This is beautiful. As a woman (and mother) it does my heart good to see a father glad to give his daughter such visions.

5:12 PM  

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