Friday, January 16, 2009

View From The Lounge (Day 7)

Heading home tomorrow and, I have to say, we are ready. Another great Aruba trip is coming to an end. I know we are going to find bitter cold waiting on the other side of the flight, but also our own beds, and cats, and kitchen. And we miss them. Spent part of today sitting around the lazy river pool working out grocery lists and looking forward to two days of quiet “recompression” before the world really kicks back in Tuesday morning.

This year’s installment was like all the others, new moments in largely familiar settings. Days around the Marriott pool and trips to the swim-up bar, walks down the beach to visit with great-grandma sitting under a Chickee at Playa Linda, to play in the sand or enjoy the terrific morning coffee they put out there. Dinners at El Gaucho (2), and Aqua, Chalet Suisse and Hostaria Da’Vittorio.

We wavered on the half-day Baby Beach excursion this year, ultimately let the girls make the decision (yes) and it provided another major highlight. There’s just something about that spot that makes this vacation complete. The powers that be seem to agree, for the first time in years we noticed signs of development and improvement down there and maybe the construction of some amenities to go along with the gentle and uniquely welcoming little cove.

We stopped off for Taco Bell take-out on our way back to the hotel that afternoon, and there’s maybe no higher calling for a bean-and-cheese burrito than providing sustenance to someone who just spent three hours digging in the sand and enjoying the plentiful sun at Baby Beach. More or less ruined dinner, not that we minded.

We’ve got a few hours left to play with tomorrow morning, a final trip to the pool, last sunscreen application, a few more laps around the lazy river, back up to the room to get changed, cab to the airport, killing time at the gate, boarding, flying, landing, finding the baggage and the car service guy, driving down familiar streets, and home.



Blogger Kevin said...

I suggest wearing something a bit warmer than a bathing suit though; it's about.. oh 15 degrees?

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, glad to know you enjoyed your vacations. That's a nice view, by the way. Hope you have a safe trip home. I know, Home - love that word!

8:04 PM  

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