Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Year

And a new line-up of bags cleared for take-off every morning. The Rickshaw has been joined.

Ava had serious opening-night jitters on the way to first grade, stemming from the fact that she didn't know anyone else in her class. What if she didn't make any new friends? What if no one wanted to sit with her in the cafeteria? All the standard apprehensions, to which we applied standard (but heartfelt) parental responses. It's going to be great, you're going to make friends, we promise.

Luckily enough we were right, and the forced nervous smiles that marked the morning bus stop were quickly exchanged for much more genuine and self-assured versions in the afternoon, to go along with tales of a nice teacher and three new friends. Madison's already a pro at this, and sailed into third grade without a hitch.

We're full-on into it now, packing lunches, polishing homework, perfecting the art of a farina breakfast. Funny how just a few days of a new routine (and some crisper weather) can provide such a clear line of demarcation.

Summer is gone. A new year stretches out before us. To go along with the row of bags leaned up against the wall, right off the kitchen.


Anonymous Nicole said...

I am super impressed that your first-grader takes the bus to school. That's the big leagues. My son nearly faints at the sight of a school bus. He hardly made it to kindergarten this week, holding my hand the five blocks there.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Hope said...

I remember the first day my oldest got on the bus for (get this) KINDERGARTEN. It's wonderful to see them taking those big steps forward... and of course it helps that today that SAME little girl turns 30!! :-O

2:43 AM  
Blogger Mrs.O said...

Time moves swiftly. I'm happy for you. I just moved back to Africa and it's world war waking my son up for school, he misses his friends in Dallas.
It's nice to hear good reports from other parents. I will hang in here - it's only been a week so ...

2:10 AM  

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