Saturday, July 29, 2006

I want to remember moments...

…like this morning’s family drive from Bromley Mountain, Vermont to downtown Manchester, when the topic of conversation that completely captivated the hearts and minds of our diminutive back-seat occupants was what colors of JELL-O they were going to buy at the supermarket after breakfast and how many boxes they would be allowed to choose.

We started with idea that they would each pick two boxes, Madison was set on green and yellow, Ava wanted pink and red. By the time we got to the store things had spun completely out of control and we’d agreed on five boxes each, which turned into six after we were confronted by the vast array of choices in the aisle and the reasonable prices.

I want to remember the innocent but intent horse trading that went on over specific colors, the fact that both girls made an effort to pick my favorite color, green, (Ava picked it twice), and that both asked to have their selections wrapped in their own bags so they could carry them back to the car.

The final results:

Madison – Blue (Berry Blue), Orange, Yellow (Lemon), Green (Lime), Pale Orange (Peach), Purple (Grape)

Ava – Red (Raspberry), Orange, Blue (Berry Blue), Green (Lime), Green (Green Apple), Yellow (Lemon)

We got back to the condo and decided to make one box each before heading over to Bromley to take on the alpine slide that remains the centerpiece of the mountain's kid-friendly "Thrill Zone." Not to fade into a commercial here but we've been going to Bromley for years, in all seasons, and have made our way up there at some point over each of the last four summers and it gets better and more evolved every year. Well worth a trip.

Madison chose Berry Blue for her maiden voyage and Ava selected Green Apple. I boiled the water and did the pouring, the girls did the stirring and by the time we left we had six little Glad Ware plastic cups waiting in the fridge, three green and three blue. While sampling the powder and the JELL-O in liquid form, their eyes lit up like they were experiencing the best tasting stuff in the world.

When the girls weren’t looking I worked up a little layered blue-green hybrid I expected to be the hit of the afternoon, but it was barely noticed when we returned a few hours later – they remained laser focused on their own colors and creations.

It was without question the best tasting JELL-O I’ve ever had in my life, and I can report that both Madison and Ava were very happy with their respective efforts. We packed up the remaining ten boxes and told the girls we'd make them at home, at which point Ava protested, "But we don't have a kitchen!"

We reminded her that the remodeling job was almost done, plus there's always Grandma's house.


Blogger Kevin said...

-jaw drops-
You must be joking. Bromley. The Alpine Slide. Manchester. This might be the smallest and most perfect world if, a reader can find out their author goes on vacation to the same spot as them. It's a small world afterall.

Hope you guys have fun.
-P.S. How lucky must I have gotten to find this post when going backwards at random!

3:01 AM  

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