Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reading Labels

All the press and chatter about toys made in China being recalled due to lead safety issues has apparently filtered down to our 6-year-old, Madison, who has been wandering around the house over the last couple of weeks reading the labels on crayons, paints and other items and expressing dismay whenever she encounters the line “Made In China” on one of her prized possessions.

We have not been actively messaging this, or using the steady flow of disturbing reports (Dora, Polly Pocket, now Winnie the Pooh) as a point of national pride. “Don’t put toys in your mouth, wherever they’re from,” and “wash your hands,” is about as far as we’ve gotten. Although it is fair to say that Crayola products, typically emblazoned with the words “Non-Toxic,” “Made In U.S.A.” and all kinds of official-looking stamps and seals, have taken on a new level of ascribed benevolence in our house.

This morning in the car, Madison was sitting in her booster seat and scrutinizing some new kind of colorful twisty pen. “This one’s OK,” she boldly announced. “No China!”

“That’s great, Maddie,” I responded.

“Dad,” she said, still staring down intently at the pen.


“What word do these letters spell? K-O-R-E-A.”


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