Saturday, October 20, 2007

On Judging A Book...

I haven't done much video on here, but I couldn't resist posting this clip from the show Britain's Got Talent. It's a little dated, goes back to about June or so, but I'd never heard about it until it was sent to me earlier today in an e-mail. Gwen, Madison and Ava all watched it, and were all blown away, so it became something of a family affair.

This is really well worth the four minutes. The before-and-after reactions from the judges (who include the easy-to-please Simon Cowell) alone are priceless. And the guy, a cell phone salesman named Paul Potts, ultimately won the competition. And a whole new life.

And, since I'll likely never have a better chance to include this on my blog, here is Pavarotti with the same material. I don't consider myself any kind of opera fan, but wow. The last few seconds of this clip are sure to astonish anyone with a pulse. Even Luciano looks amazed by the notes he was capable of.


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