Monday, October 22, 2007

We Finally Addressed The Lack Of Pumpkins

We got about halfway through Sunday when Madison and Ava started asking why we didn't have any pumpkins at our house. The fact that the bright orange orbs had been showing up in increasing numbers on stoops and doorsteps around our neighborhood didn't help. With an afternoon soccer game on tap, we weren't exactly in a position to kill half a day wandering around a muddy field, so we took the easy way out and drove to a local nursery that had an ample supply in various sizes, all picked and ready to go.

Only someone acting as an agent for two little girls smiling and jumping around in the general vicinity of a cash register would agree to pay more than $30 for four decomposing gourds without haggling, but that's a pretty good description of where I found myself once we'd made our selections. After being robbed paying, we went home and our little artists outlined the cut-outs on their respective creations with Sharpie markers. Then I went to work with our best paring knife, which was not exactly up to the task. I actually had to chisel my way to lopsided smiles and small eye/nose holes, at one point coming within a centimeter of opening up a deep and unnatural seam between my thumb and forefinger. Luckily, I emerged with just a small scratch.

Madison and I harvested the seeds from both of the large pumpkins (Ava got a whiff of the earthy interior and ran screaming from the scene) and Gwen toasted them up with a little oil and salt. They were actually very good - better than I remembered from my own childhood.

We placed our new gutted friends on the front stoop, like everyone else. We may light them up next weekend in anticipation of the big day. Right now they are providing food and shelter for a seemingly endless parade of local ants, who seem very happy we finally got with the program.


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