Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another Nice Word

We had Ava's end-of-the-year school party yesterday, two hours in the afternoon sun, mercury absolutely flirting with triple digits. The theme was Mexico, and we brought home-made quesadillas as our contribution to the feast - plain in a white flour shell, and a "rustic" version with sauteed spinach and mushroom on our favorite sprouted grain Ezekiel tortillas.

Let's just say there was no issue with the cheese getting cold or tough, I probably could have started from scratch with the raw ingredients on one of the picnic tables or a nearby rock and gotten the same result.

It was a nice event, the kids ran around for a while and then got up on an outdoor stage and sang for a group of parents and relatives smiling proudly and doing their best to work cameras and video recorders through a wave of sweat worthy of Albert Brooks in Broadcast News.

At the conclusion of the festivities we were presented with some of Ava's artwork, and by far my favorite creation appears above, a counterpart to the "dream" mosaic Madison made at the same school last year, which provided a perfect conclusion to the recent Wild Art compilation post.

We've been happy with this school, and not only because they pick such nice words.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Shine Ava! That's a great mosaic!

12:33 AM  
Blogger Lydia said...

Love that "Shine" mosaic, and the "Dream" one found at the link provided. I'm glad you did that because it was just before I found your blog. Beautiful photography. And, aww, those early-on photos of Olive. BTW, my post for Monday is in celebration of Shiva Lullaby's 1st birthday. I included a kitten photo from Aug. 2007 and one taken this weekend. She says hi to Olive!

5:12 AM  
Blogger Charisse said...

very cute! love that mosaic, too! thanks for the comment on my blog (oh me, oh my)! i found your blog a while back through the best of blogs webpage and i just love reading it! you have a great writing style and your posts are always so fun!

12:50 PM  
Blogger i am storm. said...

great mosaic! makes me think about 'accidentally' dropping some dishes to make one of my own. lol

sounds like you had a great day -- i can almost feel the heat and the energy through your words.


11:24 AM  

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