Saturday, November 10, 2007

"An Honor Just To Be Nominated..."

You hear this line a lot during Hollywood award season, delivered with varying degrees of believability and conviction by actors, writers and other creative people teetering on the verge of a complete mental collapse after having been denied the opportunity to be formally declared a "winner" and have their photo taken clutching some form of shiny gold statue.

And now it's our turn to sell the moment, which should be relatively easy because we really do mean it. No way to sugar coat the thing, we got stomped down in the 2007 Weblog Awards - finishing tenth out of 10 finalists, attracting just 184 out of the 9,624 ballots cast in the Best Parenting Blog category. That's slightly less than 2 percent of the total, more than 100 votes off the pace of the #9 finisher and 2,641 behind the winner, Amalah. But what's 2,641 votes among friends?

As I wrote in my initial plea for support, I was humbled and surprised to even make this list of great and established blogs, particularly since we violate so many of the blogosphere's standard conventions here at "I think this world is perfect..." We do not accept advertising or sell T-Shirts, we don't enable comments - preferring instead to engage in personal dialogue via e-mail with anyone who cares enough to write - and, most importantly, we do not condone or conduct any form of animal testing. I have it on good authority that several thousand pigs and geese have been slaughtered to make Amalah the site it is today, and if she's willing to make that trade, well good for her. Dad Gone Mad has killed more chickens than Bell & Evans.

So thank you, to the 184 people who voted for this site, or to the roughly 26 people who voted every 24 hours while the polls were open. It doesn't much matter which, I'm grateful for the support. And even though the button displayed up there to the right will not evolve beyond the word "finalist," there have been some other benefits. We've generated more traffic in the first six days of November than in any other full month since this little writing project began in May, 2006, and that means there are 15 more people in the world who know about the food at Disney, the wonder of Apple products, losing a tooth, the awesome disciplinary power of a threatened e-mail to Santa, and our daughter Ava.

And that's something.


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