Friday, November 02, 2007

Our Little Bartles & Jaymes Moment

I’ve gone more than 40 years on this planet without ever knowingly uttering the phrase, “labor of love,” and I’m proud of that. But I’m about to break the streak, writing here on my blog, about my blog.

Because a labor of love is exactly what this has been. As I’ve noted before, when I sat down that first night and knocked out this first post, stealing a title and a theme from my daughter Madison, who was then 5, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be back. But I found that I really enjoyed celebrating the little moments in our day-to-day lives in this way, sharing words and photos with family and friends, and ultimately an even broader group of people.

Last spring, I got involved in a blog competition called The Best of Blogs, and to my surprise I actually won the parenting blog category. I was proud of this, it resulted in new readers from around the world (this blog is HUGE in Australia) and also gave me license to add a cool little “winner” button to the upper right-hand corner of my site.

And now I find myself a finalist in another blog contest (to quote Jerry Seinfeld, in one of the best throwaway lines ever on that show, “I’m not sure how official any of these rankings really are,”) – the 2007 Weblog Awards. This one is much larger and more formidable. Any time your fellow nominees (in other categories) include Gawker, Perez Hilton, Post Secret, Mark Cuban and Engadget, not to mention Dooce, you know you are dealing with serious stuff. I am humbled, amazed and slightly intimidated by the company I find myself in.

So here is where I ask my loyal readers, and occasional passers-by, for their support and their votes. It’s a very easy process that will take all of two seconds. Just follow this link to get to the ballot for the parenting category, click the button next to “I think this world is perfect…” and that’s it. You’re done for the day.

Polls are only open for one week, starting today, and you are allowed to vote once every 24 hours. Since I don’t know many people, I’m clearly counting on the power of multiplication. So vote early, and often (another cliché I’ve happily avoided until now), and – above all else – thank you for your support.


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